Art Naturals Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal Serum Aftershave

Art Naturals Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal Serum Aftershave 236ML For Razor Burns Unsightly Bumps & Redness from Shaving or Waxing -For Men, Women, Face Body & Bikini Lines -Better then Tweezers

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Product Description

We are excited to offer you our Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal. It is a delicately balanced, premium moisturizing cream, for soothing cooling relief of razor bumps, burns, and nicks, and removal of painful and unsightly ingrown hairs. Perfect for treating bikini lines, arms, legs, and delicate areas of face and neck that are prone to ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Hair Removal can come with a host of unwanted side effects leaving you with burn and itch, as well as unsightly bumps and irritation and increased risk for ingrown hairs. Our deep healing formula is infused with Tea Tree oil, menthol, and Aloe Vera to rush cooling relief to the source, cleansing, and clearing clogged pores and dead skin cells which are the leading cause of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Our all-natural extracts combine to give you healing and relief along with fast-acting results, eliminating bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs. Smooth Touch contains natural extracts which serve as preventative measures for these skin conditions. Chamomile and Jojoba extracts act as powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory emollients, cleansing your pores and allowing trapped ingrown hairs to become untangled and dislodged. Rosehip and Lavender combine to give added hypoallergenic disinfection, neutralizing irritants, while gently exfoliating your skin and allowing new hair to grow naturally, and irritant free. In addition to eliminating ingrown hairs, these preventative measures will greatly decrease your risk of pseudo folliculitis, more commonly known as "razor bumps". The collection of little bumps is common on the beard area, neck, legs and bikini line after you've shaved, waxed, or tweezed to remove unwanted hair. The soothing and stabilizing Tea Tree oils, menthol, and Aloe Vera deeply moisturize your skin, soothing irritation and burn while creating ideal conditions for the prevention of further breakouts.

Safely aids in the removal of ingrown hair due to shaving, trimming, tweezing, plucking, and waxing, while helping to remove unsightly and irritating razor burn, bumps and burns. Ideal for Men Women and all skin types.

SDA Alcohol, Purified Water Infused with Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia), BenzylAlcohol, Linalool, Evernia Prunastri, (Oakmoss) extract, Evernia Furfuracea (treemoss)extract, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe) juice, lavendula Angustifolia (organic lavender)Distillate, Anthemis nobilis (organic roman Chamomile) Distillate, Rosa Mosqueta (rosehip)seed oil, Salix Nigra (organic black willow bark) Extract, Melia Azadirachta leaf extract, citrusmedica lica limonum (lemon) peel extract, trigonella foenum-graecum seed extract, CitrusAurantium Dulcis (orange) fruit extract, vaccinium myrtillus leaf extract camellia sinensis leafextract, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) extract, propylene glycol, isopropyl palmitate,salicylic acid, menthol D-Calcium Pantothenate (panthenol vitamin B5), Kosher VegetableGlycerin, DC&F Blue #1

Simply Apply a generous amount of cream to affected areas of arms, legs, bikini line, face neck, and behind ears immediately after shaving. Leave applied throughout the day and refresh if needed for continual moisturizing and relief.
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