Mandelic Malic Acid AHA Skin Peel 5 - 30%

Mandelic Malic Acid AHA Skin Peel (10 ml Mandelic Malic Acid, 10 ml Pre Peel Solution, 10 ml Post Peel Solution)

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The Kit is composed of the following;


- Pure AHA Mandelic/Malic Skin Peel (10 ml - your choice of %)

- Deep Pre Peel Treatment (10 ml) - Enhances the peeling process

- Gentle Post Peel Neutralizer (10 ml) - Quickly neutralizers the peel, rebalancing the natural pH of the skin.

- Full instructions for use




5% Mandelic/Malic Acid 30ml Kit = 10ml Pre Peel + 10ml 5% Mandelic/Malic Acid Skin Peel + 10ml Neutralizer

10% Mandelic/Malic Acid 30ml Kit = 10ml Pre Peel + 10ml 10% Mandelic/Malic Acid Skin Peel + 10ml Neutralizer

20% Mandelic/Malic Acid 30ml Kit = 10ml Pre Peel + 10ml 20% Mandelic/Malic Acid Skin Peel + 10ml Neutralizer

30% Mandelic/Malic Acid 30ml Kit = 10ml Pre Peel + 10ml 30% Mandelic/Malic Acid Skin Peel + 10ml Neutralizer


I am an industrial formulation chemist by trade and have derived a pure grade of Mandelic/Malic Acid AHA Skin Peel which uses pharmaceutical grade Mandelic Acid, food grade Malic Acid and pure distilled water as the only ingredients.  There are no chemical preservatives or additives.


A chemical peel is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off


Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are naturally occurring carboxylic acids, Mandleic acid is an extract from bitter almonds and Malic Acid is found in apples and many other fruits/vegetables.


Mandelic Acid / Malic Acid is known in the cosmetic industry for its line treatment with blemishing reduction properties. This makes it the perfect choice of peel for those with oily or combination skin who want the maximum line treatment benefits and blemish reduction properties of an Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel.


Mandelic Acid has been shown to be less irritating than other AHA such as Lactic and Salicylic Acid.  Also, Mandelic Acid has anti-bacterial properties making this type of peel very suitable for acne prone skin types.  Which encourages skin cell turnover and boosts collagen production.


Malic Acid can open and clean blocked sebaceous glands which excrete an oily/waxy substance used for lubrication in the skin


This skin peel can treat the following conditions;


Fine Wrinkles


Areas of Dryness

Uneven Pigmentation



Rough & Dry Skin

Large Pores

Ageing Skin & Wrinkles  



Actinic Keratosis  


Pre Peel Treatment


This solution is to be used before applying your the skin peel.  The pre peel solution performs a skin cleansing and hence gives a more effective skin peeling.  A quick drying formula which effectively removes skin residue and natural oils from the skin prior to a chemical peel treatment.

The pre peel solution lowers the pH level of the skin for optimal peel penetration and optimal results.  Improving skin peel results with acids that are not as oil soluble.


Neutralizer Solution


This solution is to be used after applying the skin peel.  The neutralizer solution stops the exfoliation process and restores the normal pH balance of the skin.  The neutralizer also soothes and cools the skin after the peel.


Directions for use


First Timers - It is advised for first time users to begin with a lower strength 5% Mandelic/Malic AHA skin peel treatment.  Initially cleanse the skin with a suitable cleanser / toner.  Take a cotton pad and dampen with the solution.  Apply the damp cotton pad to a small area of the cheek and wait 1-2 minutes, and then wash with plenty of warm water to remove the peel.  Then access your skin tolerance for this % of Mandelic/Malic Acid skin peel.


There should be no redness, burning or formation of blisters during the treatment.  If this is the case discontinue use as your skin type is too sensitive for the Mandelic/Malic Acid peel treatment.  But, the skin can turn light pink during the peel process, after 48hrs the skin colour will return to normal.


General Procedure – Wipe a dampened cotton pad over the face with 10% Mandelic/Malic AHA Acid Sking Peel.  Leave for 2 mins then wash off with plenty of warm water.  Repeat every week increasing the time period of the peel on the face by 1 min each time for a period of 6 weeks in total.  After the 6 weeks it is advised to allow the skin to rejuvenate for at least 2 weeks before beginning a further treatment regime.  After each treatment use moisturizer to ensure the skin does not dry out.  During sunny weather wear the appropriate sun screen to protect the newly exposed skin cells (SPF15 is recommended).


During the treatment phase the skin will peel and appear flaky after 1-2 days after treatment.  This is a part of the treatment removing the dead skin cells.


Further information can be found here;


Pre Peel Solution


Apply the pre peel solution to a cotton pad and apply in a circular motion to the area to be peeled.  Wait 5 mins and the apply your peeling product as normal.


Neutralizer Solution


Apply the Neutralizer solution to a cotton pad and apply in a circular motion to the area which has been peeled.  The peel will be neutralized.  Leave for 5 mins and then wash off with plenty of water.


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