Weighing scale 0,01 g

This is a high precision electronic scale. Accuracy is rated to 0.01g.It provide 5 units of weight to transform. It can weighing the minimal things of the same class like jewelry, chemical agent. It is very suitable for jeweler and laboratory using.

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Maximum Precision scale :100g.
Minimum Precision scale :0.01g.
Blckight Blue backlight.
5 units selection:g/ oz/ ct/ ozt/ dwt.
Small , lightweight ,and portable.
Dimensions: 4.49 in x 2.99 in x 0.77 in
Dimensions:11.4cm x 7.6cm x 2cm.
Net Weight: 120g
Powered by 2 x batteries (Not Included)
Auto turn off mode conserves battery life in case you forget.
One touch calibration on key
Package Contents:
100% Brand New!
1 x Digital Pocket Scale (100g x 0.01g)
1 x Robust Plastic Case Cover
1 x English Instruction Manual 
1 x Box

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