SARMs, or so-called selective androgen receptor modulators, are currently becoming more and more popular because they show effects that are comparable to those of anabolic steroids without causing side effects typical of steroids. They belong to the largely latest generation of muscle building products. Another advantage can be found in the fact that some of the SARMs cannot be detected in doping tests. But what exactly are these means and how exactly do SARMs work? Everything you should know about this topic can be found here:

As mentioned above, SARM stands for abbreviation for selective androgen receptor modulator. This is a new class of muscle building agents, which can have at least the comparable effectiveness of steroids in terms of their effect. In contrast to partially outdated and harmful anabolic steroids, SARMs cause no or only minor side effects.

In principle, steroids are very tempting due to their guaranteed effects, since the body's natural limits of muscle building can be exceeded. On the other hand, if the many possible side effects were eliminated, the number of users would be enormously higher.

In summary, SARMs are actually preferable to anabolic steroids due to their high potency and the largely steroid-typical side effects. With the novel selective androgen receptor modulators, SARMs for short, there is now virtually the solution to this problem.

There is a certain amount of the sex hormone testosterone in the human body at all times in both men and women. The amount of freely available testosterone is decisive for the success in building muscle mass. Testosterone is also essential for the healthy functioning of the body in terms of energy levels, a well-functioning metabolism, endurance and muscle growth as well as the sex drive.

For this reason, many steroid users resort to substances that massively increase testosterone levels, such as testosterone enanthate, if they do not immediately resort to even more special agents such as trenbolone. This esogenically supplied testosterone binds to the so-called androgen receptors in order to develop its effect. Practically all conventional anabolic steroids work on this principle. The androgen receptors are integrated in an extremely complex system of signal transmission paths, which ultimately ensures that certain genes are more pronounced. The problem with this and the cause of the numerous and sometimes severe side effects when using steroids is that androgen receptors are activated not only in muscle tissue, but in any tissue of the human body.

SARMs, on the other hand, bind selectively, as the name suggests, only to androgen receptors in the tissue of the skeletal muscles. As a result, SARMs offer the same advantages as conventional anabolic steroids, while harmful side effects either do not occur or only occur rarely.

The advantages of SAMRs over anabolic steroids:

-SARMs are usually taken easily orally and do not have to be injected like most classic steroids
- undesirable harmful side effects are largely absent
-The effects are usually comparable to the use of synthetic testosterone
-No aromatase, so there is no conversion to estrogen
-The liver is usually not burdened by toxic methylated ingredients
-The building of dry muscle mass is encouraged
-You prevent muscle loss during definition and diet phases
-The body's own hormone production is not suppressed as much as with conventional steroids

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