Kratom Gold vloeibaar extract (JetpackKratom)

Kratom Gold vloeibaar extract (JetpackKratom) 5 ml

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Kratom Gold liquid extract (JetpackKratom)

This powerful liquid is versatile and gives the user complete control over that sweet kratom experience. From microdose to full-on sedation with a purity you haven't felt before: truly the next level of kratom.

JetpackKratom Gold Liquid usage

If you dislike the taste of concentrated kratom this extract can be mixed with any liquid (for example coffee, juice or a milkshake). Another proven method of administration is putting some drops under your tongue and letting them slowly dissolve. Jetpackkratom Gold liquid extract contains 80% Mitragynine! The recommended dose is 0.5 ml which is the equivalent to approximately 4 gram of powdered kratom leaf.


Mitragynine, Polyethylene glycol, Ultra-purified water

1 ml of JetpackKratom Gold liquid extract contains 80 mg mitragynine

1 ml is the equivalent of about 20 drops

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